Markos Alexiou in the piano- Lakis Zois in the quitar
A duo record composed and arranged by Lakis Zois and Markos Alexiou
"EPIFOTICIC" has just been released (2004) by MUSTOUT.

alt 1. The Street Of Truth (M.Alexiou - H.L. Zois) 1.37 alt

alt  2. Hesychia (H.L. Zois) 3.35 alt
alt  3. Ekstacic (H.L. Zois) 10.27 alt
alt  4. Harmolepy (M. Alexiou) 12.26 alt
alt  5. Angel Blues (M. Alexiou) 4.52 alt

 Helias L. Zois - guitars

Markos Alexiou - piano

Arrangements by Helias L. Zois - MArxkos Alexiou

"hesychia" deharmonizationh by Markos Alexiou

"extacic" arrangments by Helias L. Zois