Lakis Zois was born in Piraeus in 1952.He has taken up music since his early childhood, singing in choirs and playing several instruments like the guitar,the base and the drums. He was a student of Julien Fulk and the Conservatoire of Umip in France and since he came back in Greece in 1974 he has devoted his life to Jazz music.
Lakis Zois formed the "The Lakis Zois Sextet" at the very first Jazz place in greece -the "Jazz club" by George Barakos.
He also was a member of the well known Jazz band "SPHINX". At the "Jazz Club" of Athens he played with jazz masters casino online like Szcakcsi(Bela Lakatos),Fursty Balogi, Tony Lakatos,Harry Socal,Laszlo Gardony,Gianni Gavalaro,Imre Kosfegi,Demis Visvikis, Balazs Berkes, John Zorbas,Nick Gravenites,Claude Salmieri,Alex Foster, George Vukan, Ray dramon and George Washington(members of the Johnny Griffins band) and in Athens Hilton with Dizzy Gillespie.
He is established as the best jazz guitarist in Greece. Since 1984 Lakis Zois has been working in his own studio in Athens composing and producing records. "ESOTERIC" was his first personal album where he plays with some of the best Jazz musicians in Greece.
"ALONE" the second album composed and performed by Lakis Zois is characterized by it's high quality and standard.
"EPIFOTICIC" is his latest , a duo album with Markos Alexiou.